If you thought losing a team member who was sitting right beside you was hard. Wait until you lose one that you have been working with remotely for the past four months.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter the timeline, what does matter is a member of your team is moving on. There are a lot of things probably running through your head – who are we going to find to replace them, how will we train them, what knowledge is going out the window, how do we get their equipment, etc, etc.

These are all logical questions but the first question always remains the same.

Why are you leaving?

Are they leaving for good reasons or bad?

If they are leaving for good reasons, congratulate them and wish them well.

If they are leaving for bad reasons, ask them why, not so you can keep them, their decision is already made, but so you can make sure not to make the same mistake twice.

The difference when you do it remote?

When you have that ZOOM call with them, make sure you are looking at them and giving them the respect they deserve. This wasn’t an easy decision they had to make, and these aren’t easy answers you’re looking for.

Patience and empathy are what are needed.

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