When you can’t go anywhere on vacation, everyone knows where you are.

The pull to log in “just once” and check your email.

Or respond to that quick SLACK message that shows up on your phone.

Or give out your personal cell for people to reach out to you in a pinch.

If you choose not to respond, you’re wracked with guilt over letting your team down at a time when you were supposed to be “away”.

You wouldn’t treat your team this way, so don’t do it to yourself.

If you are planning to be on a “staycation”, do it. Turn off every device, set yourself online and vacation.

No one will think the worst of you.

In fact, once you take the lead, everyone else on your team might start doing the same, treating their personal time, as just that. Coming back recharged and energized like they use to.

It’s up to you to to lead your team especially if that means showing them how to relax.

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