When there is too much power coming into one wire (outlet or breaker), it causes an overload and trips the switch.

To get things running again, you need to manually go to the electrical box, find the offending breaker (which is generally coloured orange so you can find it easily enough) and flip it back on so it can start taking power again.

Generally, before you do this, you probably want to unplug a few things, so the next time you restart it, it doesn’t trip again. Otherwise, it’s only a short matter of time until it trips and you’re on your way back down the stairs once more to flip the switch back.

Two pieces of critical information here;

One – It’s very easy to see that something is tripped, visually (if all the breakers were black, it’d be a little harder to figure out.

Two – you have to reduce the load before you flip the breaker back and have it back to humming again.

Applying to your team…

One – wouldn’t it be great to able to see when someone is about to burnout?

Two – when you do reset that breaker, make sure you reduce the load so it doesn’t happen again.

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