The Bugs are plentiful and they are all free.

Stay until the wee hours when the critical bugs come out.

No, not that kind of a bar, more like a level, more like your hand where you are drawing a line in the sand and saying – “this is how far we’ll go until we get into trouble”.

The problem with a bug bar, is no one wants to admit when they are almost in trouble, when things are getting dicey, when hard decisions have to be made. It’s easier to close your eyes, let the pile grow and then go – “wow, that’s a lot of bugs”.

Here’s the thing about the bug bar though, it doesn’t belong to QA, it doesn’t belong to the developers or the managers, it doesn’t belong to your customer, it belongs to everyone.

And once everyone puts their hand up and sees where they are all comfortable with, it’s only then that you’ll see what needs to be done to address everyone’s concerns.

Until then, you don’t know what threshold people have and what bug bar they need implemented to feel comfortable.

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