If someone doesn’t want to be lead, you won’t be able to lead them.

If they don’t want your guidance, they won’t take it.

No matter how much they might need it (whether it’s your opinion or there’s).

What is one to do when this happens?

Show up.

Be consistent.

Remind them you are here, remind them you can help them, remind them you can support them.

Even after all this, they still might not want your help, they still might not see the value you are providing them to help them get better.

What then?

This is where you take a step back, and look at your career, your journey, your path, where you want to go. You tried, it didn’t work out, for whatever reason and now it’s time for you to find a team that needs, respects and want to leverage your skills.

It’s a hard call, it’s the last chance call to be made, and if it’s the last one you are implementing, then you know you have tried everything you could to make it work, it’s the right one.

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