The most important meeting you will ever have with your team is your first one.

And there are only a few rules;

  • Introduce yourself  – but don’t showcase yourself (they have LinkedIn, they can read all about you).
  • What are they working on – you don’t know, they do, ask them, if you are confused, write down the questions and discuss with them One-On-One, don’t derail the meeting on one person, you need to hear every person talk.
  • Where do they need help – you don’t want to have 2 mins left to discuss, you want to have as much time as you can here – what you gather here, will set the tone for this week and the next few weeks.

You can plan to discuss more later, you can bring in other components into the discussion later, but for now, this is all that matters in this first meeting – the goal – figure out where they need you.


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