When it comes to being a part of a team, we all buy into wanting the team to succeed.

Why not?  It’s why we’re there.

At some point, the workload becomes too much (it always does) and the team struggles to find new paths for efficiencies and growth.  It doesn’t happen quickly, they have to flounder and fight against the current because they are now not only fighting against what is ingrained within them but also the past successes of the team.

Everyone is struggling, everyone is working to get there, but the clicking moments aren’t happening as quickly as they used to.

It’s here that team members will either get angry, frustrated and mad at the whole process altogether or they’ll do something different, come together, realize what’s happening, figure out new approaches, try them and if they fail, go back and try some more.

The latter is who we all say we are going to be in interviews and discussions, the former is what generally what happens.

The latter is also where the real leaders of the team emerge, where they realize, the team doesn’t need to do it all, they don’t need to be overburdened, they just need to focus on each other and they will succeed.

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